Community Involvement

Leumi’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility is evident in the work we do to foster community investment. We are a relationship-driven, boutique bank, and this does not just stop at our clients; we have created relationships with organizations throughout the nation. Our charitable and philanthropic work enhances the quality of life of those that we touch, and advances the economic vitality of our communities. The pillars of focus for our work include the youth and the elderly, and this is reflected in the work that we do with various organizations. Our employees have seats on the board at organizations such as Friends of Glen Gray, Project Sunshine, Reach The World, National School Climate Center, KAHAL and The Shefa School.


Leumi is dedicated to creating a culture of inclusion for all employees. This includes attracting and retaining a diverse workforce as well as supporting diversity and inclusion through our work internally and with outside organizations. We understand the significance of cultural differences at work and foster an environment that supports the success of our individuals and our business as a whole.

Investing in Our Employees

We are inspired by our employees and committed to their success. We are dedicated to building upon the excellent skills of our employees and empowering them to advance their careers. This also includes mentoring and skilled volunteering assistance to those in our community.

  • Our High-Potential program features development workshops from our own senior leaders and those outside of the organization, including Harvard Business School, BTS and NBA. This includes strategy foundation and implementation and personal leadership. We believe in the value of our employees and look to accelerate their success through these programs.
  • Mock interviews with members of Grace Institute which allows our employees to apply their skill set to help those who are new to the workforce.
  • Opportunities for employees to join industry groups, attend conferences and take courses relevant to their career path.

Living Our Values


Bringing energy and excitement to everything we do.


Making every decision like you are the owner.


Feeling and exhibiting concern and empathy for others.


Continuously striving to achieve outstanding results.


Always doing the right thing.